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IP Street helps you integrate powerful conceptual patent search and claim text analytics directly into your application without the need to manage complicated and expensive back end infrastructure and data pipelines.

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The IP Street Developer Hub is Live

The IP Street API documentation is live. We hope you will find what you need here to harness our algorithms and put them to work in your application.

That said, this documentation will be a living document that is optimized and kept up-to-date with the help of the community. If you find errors or think there is a better way to explain something, please suggest an edit directly through the documentation.

Our support forum is a great way for you to get direct access to our development team. We love the chance to pull our eyes away from our code for a few minutes to talk to a human being about a product we love. If you have questions about implementation or API functionality, this is a great place to ask those questions.

If you want to suggest an improvement or have found a bug in our code base, please head on over to our GitHub site to submit and issue. A few people on our team love stomping bugs...